Loving Your Wrinkles with Aromatic Solutions

May 3, 2023
Loving Your Wrinkles with Aromatic Solutions

Loving Your Wrinkles with aromatic solutions
Ageing skin and little wrinkles are a natural part of growing gracefully.  We can embrace them loving or fight them hard!  I like to fall somewhere in the middle, loving them while treating them with smart aromatics.

Why do we get wrinkles?
Two big factors are at play within the conversation of wrinkles – Hormones and Your Natural Moisturizing Factor.

Your Skin & Your Hormones
Let’s look at the main hormones affecting our skin first.  Possibly the greatest skin change in our skin is the dryness we experience during and post menopause. This happens because your natural oil production is from progesterone.  So, when the progesterone drops it means that the way your skin stays hydrated, and the oils naturally retained in your skin are also different so you would need to make sure you are using the proper skincare routine to make sure that your body is retaining as much natural moisture as it can and of course consistently staying hydrated in general.  

Switching to serums rich in natural plant oils especially with some CBD for its anti-inflammatory properties is highly recommended.  Also, plant rich serums will replenish and quench your skin best at night as your skin rejuvenates most effectively as you sleep.   Because of the changes with your hormones this also means that your skin is very reactive to other damages so any injuries or sun damage can also impact your skin differently at this time in your life so seek antioxidant rich skin care products.  

The other hormone that I do want to talk about impacting your skin is cortisol, your stress hormone. Your stress hormone will truly decrease your body's natural production of collagen and have a huge impact on your overall skin and tissue health as well as its function.  Cortisol will have a rapid impact on the body and on your overall tissue health. Your skin is very reactive to hormonal changes.

Understanding Your Natural Moisturizing Factor
Did you know that your skin has its own amazing inbuilt moisturizer? It is called the Natural Moisturizing Factor, usually abbreviated as NMF.  NMF is not a single magic bullet, but a mix of powerful water-loving substances in the skin that keep it protected and hydrated. Together, they draw moisture like a magnet into the epidermis, the surface of the skin.

However, many factors can impede the efficiency of this extraordinary system. For example, in an atmosphere where there is no humidity, our skin will easily become dehydrated. Sun exposure, cold and windy weather, poor diet, air conditioning, can all impact adversely on our skin.

Unfortunately, some common cosmetic ingredients can have the same effect. One of the main offenders is an ingredient called a ‘surfactant’.  This word is shorthand for ‘surface acting agent’. It is a very important ingredient in a host of cleaning, foaming and emulsifying products. What makes surfactants useful is their ability to combine otherwise incompatible materials - like water, oils, fats and solvents. They are a key ingredient in some cosmetics, especially facial cleansers, body washes and shampoos.

However, many surfactants strip the terrific natural barrier that nature put in place, resulting in dry, irritated, flaky and distressed skin. Watch out especially for products containing sodium lauryl sulphate.  I highly recommend you lean into plant-based solutions for your ageing skin.

Your Three wonderful Anti-Aging Essential Oil Recipes

Anti-wrinkle Facial Night Serum
A rich facial serum at night is your first step towards soothing fine line and wrinkles and caring for your skin with healing and skin soaking essential oils and carrier oils.

35ml Camellia seed oil
14ml Rosehip seed oil
5 drops Rose essential oil
5 drops Blue tansy essential oil
5 drops Jasmine essential oil
2 drops Yarrow essential oil
2 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil

Smooth Eye Serum

Rosehip seed oil and CBD oil are a perfect pairing for fine line skincare. Anti-inflammatory and hydrating, this blend of carrier oils and CBD will help to smooth fine lines and rejuvenate your skin. This serum will keep for up to three months if stored away from direct light and heat. I keep mine in the fridge as the cooler the product is, the greater the effect on puffy eyes and irritation around the eye area.

20ml Rosehip seed Oil
10ml CBD Oil

Soft Skin Body Oil
Massage in your body as your daily body moisturiser to support the collagen and elastin production through your body – remember to love all your skin, not just your facial skin.

50ml Jojoba oil
48ml Argan oil
10 drops Geranium essential oil
5 drops Blue tansy essential oil
4 drops Grapefruit essential oil
4 drops Rose essential oil
4 drops Cypress essential Oil

To learn more about skincare and hormones check out my  LabSkin Course if you want to learn all things skin related or LabFemme if you want to learn more about your hormones.


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