The privilege of green beauty

Lise Andersen

January 4, 2022

A self-professed ‘green’ formulator, Lise Andersen (known as LisaLise) is the founder of LisaLise Pure Natural Skincare and Formulators Kitchen. In this episode, Lisa shares her vast experience working with artisanal, sustainable green beauty formulation. Her passion for crafting her own natural cosmetics began before the term Green Beauty existed. Now, as an educator, she stresses sustainability and local supply for a rapidly growing trend.

Her passion for creating plant-based cosmetics focuses on employing the barest of basics without sacrificing function or the all-important luxury factor. "It’s an interesting and challenging balance to strike that requires an in-depth understanding of every ingredient you include in a formula.”

Entirely self-taught, Lise has years of experience in researching, testing, and developing cosmetic products as well as the ingredients that go into them. “I’ve always been a ‘greenie’ in spirit. The very first steps of my cosmetics-making journey were taken (last century!) when I was in my teens. A 'How to' book caught my interest and it wasn't long before I could pronounce my first lip balm a success. The glorious scent of beeswax and the magical process of turning a few simple ingredients into something useful had me hooked for life.”

Lise is the author of several DIY e-books on making cosmetics, herbal extracts, and more. She also offers consultation and bespoke formulation for beauty brands. On her blog (established in 2010), she journals her experiments in the lab and shares know-how and instructions on everything from making plant extracts to various cosmetics.

“I consider myself extremely lucky to have a job that is my passion.”

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Disclaimer: The information presented in this podcast is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor if you are in need of medical care, and before making any changes to your health routine.

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