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LabAroma is a chemistry based, clinical aromatherapy focused, software tool that formulates the chemistry behind essential oil blending while presenting a detailed chemical breakdown and physical effect visual.

LabAroma’s extensive essential oil database considers plant species and region of origin to accurately formulate essential oil formulas in minutes.


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I’d highly recommend LabAroma to anyone wanting to create their own essential oil blends. It’s quick, accurate and easy to use.

Rhiannon Harris

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What happens when I blend…

Well that’s pretty easy, we can tell you that with the click of a button.

“There has to be an easier way!” became a frequent cry of Colleen Quinn, founder and director of Lucy Annabella Organics. Colleen had over 10 years experience in Complementary Therapy and Clinical Aromatherapy when she decided to create her luxury organic aromatherapy based beauty brand.

It was in the early stages of developing her core essential oil formulas for the range that she needed to find a solution to the time consuming complex mathematical process of essential oil formulations, this software has now been developed into LabAroma.

Lab Aroma


Join us here https://t.co/aX5hpjpljF https://t.co/VWXzva64Uo • 12 Feb 18

Pre menstrual Tension Blend

This Pre menstrual Tension blend results in a Ketone percentage of 30.49% with davanone being present at 23.83%. Overall this blend has a wonderful effective on the reproductive, skin, and neurologic…

Posted by Colleen Quinn

9th February 2018