LabAroma would not be possible without her talented and passionate team as well as the endless support and encouragement from some of the industries most experienced and influential minds.

Care Team
Colleen Quinn
Sarah McGookin
Brand builder
Enya Mellon
Community carer 
Emma Parks
Team support
Sean quinn
Software Developer
Christina Forsberg
Software design 
Sheila McCallan
Brand design 
Jonathan Bernales
Scientific researcher 
Mary Joy Ferrera
Brand creation
Caterina Navarra
Brand delivery
Amalthea Birkholz
Podcast Producer
Brain Mcguire
Digital editor
Fiona Hedigan
Clinical aromatherapist & formulator 
Wendy Belcour
Aromatherapist, educator & LabFrance language partner
Monique Leonardi
Aromatherapist & LabPortuguese language partner
Tomomi Nakamura
Aromatherapist & LabJapan language partner
Rhiannon Lewis
Clinical aromatherapist educator
Dr Claire Ader
Oncology doctor & clinical aromatherapist 
Jennifer Peace Rhind
Author & Aromatherapist
Prashanti Lyree
Cosmetic Chemist & Clinical aromatherapist 
Jennifer Williams 
Director, aromatherapist & educator 
Karen Williams
Director, aromatherapist & educator 
Ann Harman
Organic farmer, herbalist and distiller
Danielle Sade
Aromatherapist & educator 
Colleen Thomson
Aromatherapist & educator 
Kelly Ablard
Writer, educator & aromatherapist 
Joan Sorita
Aromatherapist & educator