How to Make Use of Oxidised Essential Oils

April 19, 2023
How to Make Use of Oxidised Essential Oils

Your essential oils shelf-life matters. Essential oils oxidise when exposed to oxygen or heat. Your citrus oils like Orange and Lemon will oxidise quicker than say the more herbal or resinous oils like Frankincense or Palo Santo. This oxidisation will break the oils down and reduce their therapeutic qualities.The best way to track this is to always buy oils from a supplier who provides both the batch number and expiry date so you can track when your oil should be used by. You can also protect your oils by storing them in a dark place and in dark colour glass bottles. I always write on a label the date I opened my oils, that way I can track how long it has been exposed to oxygen, this practice helps me stay on top of how soon I should use my oil by.

A great tip-don’t throw your essential oils away after they have expired, you can still use them in cleaning blends.

Cleaning with essential oils can be such a gift to your home your loved ones who live init as well as the environment. A lot of the household cleaners we're familiar with today work in terms of, they clean your home, however they are not always the best solution for our environment or our health. They can often come loaded with harmful chemicals and toxins that we simply do not need to expose ourselves to especially when we have beautiful plant based aromatic alternatives.

I have been using essential oils to clean my house for two decades and I can never imagine using bleach or anything harmful on my surfaces or in the air I breathe.

Maybe you already use all healthier alternatives for your cleaning products for exampleClean Living, Eco Zone or Method and you simply want to enrich then by adding essential oils. That's a great way to use healthier options in your home infused with essential oils. I have outlined my top five essential oils for cleaning and where they are most effective, followed by three of my favourite recipes.I want to share with you my top home made cleaning products which are easy to make, affordable, and gorgeously natural. The great news is some of the best essential oils we can use to clean our home are affordable, readily available and do a fantastic job.

Below I have outlined some of my top recipes for home cleaning products as well as my favourite cleaning essential oils and how they can be effectively and easily used. I hope you enjoy learning how to enhance your home cleaning routine was beautiful fragrant powerful essential oils.

Lemon essential oil is one of the most versatile oils for home cleaning. It is not only antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial, but also great at cutting through grease and grime.Lemon essential oilcan be used in a number of ways:

Apply a few drops of lemon essential oil to areas where there is sticky residue, rub it in, and use a sponge or paper towel to wipe the residue away.

In a glass jar combine 6 drops of lemon essential oil with a cup of baking soda, covert he mixture with a piece of cloth and secure it over the top with a rubber band and place inside your refrigerator. This technique is a brilliant way to deodorize your refrigerator.

Note - don’t put the glass jar lid on the jar.

Tea tree essential oil is the perfect multipurpose cleaning essential oil! It is antimicrobial, anti fungal, antiseptic, bactericidal, and insecticidal can be used in endless ways.

To clean the shower, add 15 drops of tea tree essential oils to 2 cups of white vinegar and 2 teaspoons of liquid dish soap. Combine these three ingredients and pour into a spray bottle. Use this aromatic blend daily as your shower cleaner by spritzing the shower with the mixture.

Note –Castile soap is not a good option for your soap in this recipe as it can leave a slippery surface – not ideal in a shower cleaning product.

Add 10 drops of tea tree essential oil to a splash of Castile soap and water as the perfect hand wash. It is most convenient to put the mixture into are usable soap pump bottle.

10 drops of tea tree oil combined with1/2 cup white vinegar and 3 cups of water is the perfect ‘use everywhere all-purpose cleaning spritz product.

Lavender essential oil is antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal plus it fills your home with a fresh clean scent. Fora perfect kind aromatic linen spray to keep your linen cupboard fresh, combine 20 drops of lavender essential oil with water in a spritz bottle. Your linen cupboard will be eternally grateful!Note, this simple yet effective product can serve so many purposes in your home. It will also disinfect surfaces and is super helpful and fresh so perfect to kill bad odours. Prepare for it to be your new best cleaning friend!

Peppermint essential oil is revitalizing and invigorating as well as being a super powerful cleaning tool.Peppermint's cleaning abilities are due to its antiseptic properties and minty fresh clean scent. It also deters bugs, for example ants, spiders, and cockroaches.To great tips for using peppermint in your home–blend it with water and spritz as a bright fresh air freshener. And combine10 drops of peppermint essential oil with 1 cup of water and spray into crack around the house where little creepy crawlies have been seen.

Orange essential oil is uplifting and refreshing and has wonderful antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties.Use orange as a degreaser on surfaces and your stive top by combining a¼cup of Castile soap with a¼cup of water and spray.

When combined with tea tree oil, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, anddish soap, orange essential oil makes an excellent all-natural floor cleaner. Add 10 drops of each type of oil to 1 cup each of alcohol and white vinegar, 1teaspoon dish soap, and 1 to 2 gallons of very hot water.

Below you will find my favourite three recipes which you can use for your cleaning duties:

Lemon All-purpose Cleaner

2 cups white vinegar

2 cups water

1 teaspoon natural dish soap (NOT castile soap)

30 drops lemon essential oil

20 drops melaleuca essential oil

Mix all ingredients in aquart-sized spray bottle. Shake to combine. Spray and wipe on counters, cabinets, sinks, toilets, and anywhere else.

Window and Mirror Cleaner

3 cups distilled water

1/4 cup rubbing alcohol or vodka

1/4 cup vinegar

20 drops peppermint or spearmint essential oil

Combine all ingredients in a quart-sized spray bottle. Shake to combine, then spray on mirrors, windows, or stainless steel. Wipe off with paper towels or old newspaper for streak-free shine.

Fresh Linen Spray

1/4 cup distilled water

3 tablespoon switch hazel or vodka

20 drops lavender essential oil

15 drops frankincense essential oil

Add all ingredients to a small spritzer, shake well, and spray on sheets, pillowcases, and linens.

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