Aromatherapy Tips for Menopausal Skin

May 17, 2023
Aromatherapy Tips for Menopausal Skin

What happens to your skin as your travel through your menopausal journey? 

Hormone changes impacting the skin occur throughout our life as women, some of the greatest changes occur during the menopause and during perimenopause.  During perimenopause estrogen levels decrease and then when a woman is in full menopause, those estrogen levels are much, much lower.  So, your natural production of collagen is decreased, and this decreases the skin thickness.  At this stage in your hormonal journey, you can look at your skin and think, I'm getting thinner skin, it feels like a crêpe and then you will notice a little facial sagging, or you will see more micro wrinkles.

Research shows that women lose about 30% of collagen during their first five years of menopause.  However, with proper nutrition and skincare regimens and healthy overall lifestyle habits for example making sure you are hydrated, all of those things can really help with your collagen loss.  In terms of nutrition, making sure you are eating foods that have natural collagen like fish, chicken, and egg whites this helps nourish your system from the inside out. 

And then of course there is no shortage of beauty products to help with wrinkles and menopausal skin concerns but the other factor which contributes to skin change in menopause is the dryness of the skin. Again, that oil production is from progesterone so when the progesterone also drops it means that the way your skin stays hydrated, and the oils naturally retained are also different so you would need to make sure you are using the proper skincare routine to make sure that your body is retaining as much natural moisture as it can and of course consistently staying hydrated in general.  Because of the changes with your hormones this also means that your skin is very reactive to other damages so any injuries or sun damage can also impact your skin differently in menopause than it would have previously.  

Skin & Stress
The other hormone that I do want to talk about impacting your skin is cortisol, your stress hormone. Your stress hormone will truly decrease your body's natural production of collagen as well and have a huge impact on your overall skin and tissue health as well as its function.    We have all has the experience where you see a good friend frequently and then all of a sudden, they go through a stressful time and you don't see them for a couple of months, then when you do see them again, they will look different. They will look like they have aged faster in two months than they have in like two years.  Why is it? It is the influence of cortisol; it is the stress hormone impact on the body, and it has a rapid impact on your overall tissue health.  That is why when people go on vacation and really rest and get their stress levels lowered you can see it, you see it in their face, you see it in their skin.  Your skin is very reactive to hormonal changes.

Some simple lifestyle tips to help support your skin




How can I add essential oils to my skincare routine?
The easiest and best way to introduce essential oils into your skincare routine is to invest in either an aromatherapy based skincare product or blend your own aromatherapy skincare – I promise its easier than it sounds.  I have given you three beautiful, effective yet elegantly simples recipes below which you can create now.

Elegance Skin Facial Oil

Rosehip oil and carrot seed essential oil are both rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene and brilliant for skin repair.  In addition, they penetrate the skin rapidly and deeply, delivering maximum impact.

25mll Jojoba oil

14ml Rosehip oil

10ml CBD oil

8 drops Carrot seed essential oil 

4 drops Jasmine essential oil 

4 drops Rose essential oil

Menopausal Skin Repair Oil

If your Elegance Skin Facial Oil is your nightly skin serum then this Menopausal Skin Repair Oil is best used when your skin is particularity dry or fragile and begging for an extra boost of aromatic support and plant vitamins.

25ml Argan oil

23ml Baobab oil

8 drops Helichrysum essential oil

8 drops Frankincense essential oil

7 drops Lavender essential oil

4 drops Chamomile German essential oil

4 drops Lavender essential oil

Warrior Body Oil Recipe

Don’t neglect your body as you love your menopausal skin.  Oure skin is our larges organ, and it covers all of us not just the neck up.  Also, applying a beautiful aromatherapy body oil daily is truly a gift of self-love – we deserve self-love every day especially when it smells this good.

50ml Jojoba oil

49ml Hemp seed oil

10 drops Geranium essential oil

6 drops Palmarosa essential oil

6 drops Jasmine essential oil

4 drops Sweet Orange essential oil

To learn more about skincare and hormones check out my  LabSkin Course if you want to learn all things skin related or LabFemme if you want to learn more about your hormones.

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