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10 Halloween Diffuser Blends

October 27, 2021
10 Halloween Diffuser Blends

The Scents of Halloween

Do ghosts and ghouls drink pumpkin spice latte? Yes, it’s that goosebumpy time of year again, when cinnamon, nutmeg and clove infuse all that hot beverages and pastries in your neighborhood, and everywhere you look there’s something ghastly cut from black and orange paper jumping out to remind you that it’s nearly… Halloween! Yikes!

Before we explore some ideas to bring a little more range to your Halloween aromas beyond the usual spicy autumnal favorites, let’s take a quick look at why Halloween looks and smells the way it does…

The History of Halloween

Two millennia ago, the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain was marked to celebrate the beginning of the harvest season, a moment when the boundaries between the spirit and material worlds would temporarily disintegrate and allow the spirits of the dead to return. Giant bonfires were lit, while home heaths were extinguished; these hearths were then re-lit from the bonfires to invite protection during the cold, dark winter months ahead.

Over the centuries, Samhain evolved into All Hallows’ Eve, a time for honoring the saints, and by the end of the 19th century, America’s burgeoning immigrant population had helped make the holiday the spooky, fun-filled celebration of community we enjoy today. Our beloved carved pumpkins used to be potatoes or turnips in Ireland, until the devastating potato famine of the mid 1800s brought an influx of Irish immigrants to American shores. Pumpkins proved better for carving, and pumpkins mean pumpkin spice – that delectable blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice, and cloves first used early in the last century and now giving that heady Halloween kick to everything from warm muffins to cold Frappuccinos.

Essential Oils and Halloween 

In addition to the essential oils of these established seasonal spices, you can really get creative with the aromas you use to make this year’s Halloween extra special. You might want to count down the days to a Halloween party by filling the home with more traditional scents, but when the big event comes, how about wowing your guests with some exciting new diffuser blends that remind them of the long-gone childhood excitement attached to their favorite tasty Halloween treats? Or leaving some spooky, ethereal traces of the supernatural lingering in the air as the witching hour approaches?

Ten drops of essential oil in your diffuser should be more than sufficient, but remember you can always add more oil as you need it – some of these aromas pack a real pumpkin punch!

10 Halloween Diffuser Blends

Ready to make this Halloween the most aromatic ever? Well, who you gonna call? Our ten Halloween diffuser blend recipes, that’s who!

  1. Pumpkin Spice Halloween Diffuser Blend

There’s nothing like the classic blend of Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove essential oils to bring the delicious flavors of fall into your home.

  • 5 drops Cinnamon essential oil
  • 3 drops Nutmeg essential oil
  • 2 drops Clove essential oil

  1. Fruity Pumpkin Halloween Diffuser Blend

Like your pumpkin spice a little less… spicy? Here’s a fresh alternative that swaps out some of the muskiness for the lighter citrus tones of Sweet Orange, Lemon and Lime essential oils.

  • 4 drops Sweet Orange essential oil
  • 2 drops Lemon essential oil
  • 2 drops Lime essential oil
  • 2 drops Cinnamon essential oil

  1. Candy Apple Halloween Diffuser Blend

Why get your face all sticky? You can enjoy that unique autumnal aroma of caramel and apple with our lip-smacking blend of Sweet Orange, Lime, Cinnamon and Bergamot essential oils instead.

  • 3 drops Sweet Orange essential oil
  • 3 drops Lime essential oil
  • 2 drops Cinnamon essential oil
  • 2 drops Bergamot essential oil

  1. Trick or Treat Halloween Diffuser Blend

How about a bucket of Halloween sweetness - without the calories or the sugar headache? Try our chocolatey blend of Cacao, Rose, Peppermint and Vanilla essential oils.

  • 5 drops Cacao essential oil
  • 3 drops Vanilla essential oil
  • 1 drop Rose essential oil
  • 1 drop Peppermint essential oil

  1. Candy Corn Halloween Diffuser Blend

Sharpen your guests’ appetites without ruining them with this toothsome blend of Tangerine, Copaiba, Lemon and Vanilla essential oils.

  • 4 drops Tangerine essential oil
  • 3 drops Balsam Copaiba essential oil
  • 2 drops Lemon essential oil
  • 1 drop Vanilla essential oil

  1. Witches Cauldron Halloween Diffuser Blend

Dare we ask what’s in the pot? Eye of newt, wool of bat? Shhhhh… it’s actually our eclectic, conversation-starting blend of Roman Chamomile, Sage, and Blood Orange essential oils! 

  • 4 drops Roman Chamomile essential oil
  • 3 drops Sage essential oil
  • 3 drops Blood Orange essential oil

  1. Tomb of Terror Halloween Diffuser Blend

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a touch of the deathly. So step inside our tomb of terror, where the aroma of the afterworld – Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli and Lavender essential oils – awaits the fearless.

  • 3 drops Lavender essential oil
  • 3 drops Patchouli essential oil
  • 2 drops Frankincense essential oil
  • 2 drops Myrrh essential oil

  1. Forest of Fear Halloween Diffuser Blend

“It’s in the trees! It’s coming!” Don’t worry  – it’s not the Sasquatch. It’s just our woody, refreshing Halloween blend of Cypress, Cedarwood, Juniper Berry and Sweet Birch essential oils.  

  • 3 drops Juniper Berry essential oil 
  • 3 drops Cypress essential oil
  • 2 drops Cedarwood essential oil
  • 2 drops Sweet Bitch essential oil

  1. Breath of Ghouls Halloween Diffuser Blend

Unsettling, strange, and perfect with that late-night horror movie to finish the day in style: our ghoulish blend of Tea Tree, Valerian and Palmarosa essential oils is not for the faint of heart!

  • 4 drops Palmarosa essential oil
  • 3 drops Valerian essential oil
  • 2 drops Tea Tree essential oil

  1.  Spiced Wine Halloween Diffuser Blend

Kids all candied-out and tucked up in bed? Here’s our warm, relaxing blend of Cardamom, Ginger and Clove essential oils for the exhausted adults while they enjoy that well-earned glass of something by the fire.

  • 5 drops Cardamom essential oil
  • 3 drops Ginger essential oil
  • 2 drops Clove essential oil

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