Pet Friendly Essential Oils for Your Diffuser.

May 17, 2023

Aromatherapy for animals can be an exquisite tool to treat and support your precious pets but we strongly recommend you seek advice and guidance on this topic from the experts if you are treating something specific. Also, it’s worth remembering that animal aromatherapy is plant medicine - natural and powerful!  Even though it’s coming from a natural plant it can still cause issues with your fur babies’ little bodies if not diluted and applied correctly. 

Dilution ​is a big key when using essential oils with any animal. It does not make the actions weaker, yet it does help with the calming of the aroma scent so it’s not as strong. Carrier oils are what we dilute with. We can also use an aloe vera gel or jojoba wax base. These oils do exactly what their name implies, they carry the essential oil into the pores of the skin, to the brain, and in the bloodstream. The oils are then excreted out of the lungs and the urine. This is a very simple way of stating the actions of carrier oils diluted with essential oils. Just know that cats store more essential oils in their system and have that toxic overload issue. 

My favourite way to use aromatherapy with my pets is through diffusion!  Diffusion is gentle and effective for the pet’s but it also allows them to simply leave the room if they don’t like it.  

Its super important to leave the door open where you are diffusing so they can leave as they like.

Pet safe essential oils

With dogs, inhalation is always the first choice. I have placed bottles nearby that have been opened but their caps put back on the bottle, a dog will sometimes smell the scent that way. Remember that the aroma can be very intense so there are two ways of letting them inhale the oil. Place one drop on a piece of paper and fan it near them. Place one drop on your finger and rub your fingers together then let them smell the scent. Or diffuse your chosen oils in your home diffuser.

Beautiful oils your pets should love 

Remember the little animals in our life all their own little personality, likes and dislikes so watch their reaction to access if they are in love or hate for the oils you have chosen.

Here are some of the oils they typically respond well too.

Lavender essential oil 

Vetiver essential oil 

Rose essential oil 

Sandalwood essential oil 

Neroli essential oil

Mimosa essential oil

Valerian Root essential oil 

Chamomile roman essential oil 

Violet leaf essential oil 

Frankincense essential oil  

Hops essential oil

Linden blossom essential oil 

Ylang Ylang essential oil 

Vanilla essential oil 

Jasmine essential oil 

Oils to avoid with your fur babies.

Oregano essential oil
Thyme essential oil
Clove essential oil
Cassia essential oil
Citronella essential oil
Pines essential oil
Garlic essential oil
Juniper essential oil
Pennyroyal essential oil
Rue essential oil
Tansy essential oil
Camphor essential oil
Birch essential oil
Mugwort essential oil
Mustard essential oil
Hyssop essential oil
Wintergreen essential oil
Bitter almond essential oil

Another way to know the cautions is to know the essential oils that are high in phenols. They are very toxic to cats. 

Cat safe diffuser blends

Hormone Balancing
1 drop Clary Sage essential oil
1 drop Rose essential oil
1 drop Geranium essential oil

Old age, feeling tired. 

1 drop Mimosa essential oil
1 drop Sweet orange essential oil

New Home Comfort
1 drop Neroli essential oil
1 drop Geranium essential oil

Dog safe diffuser blends.

Anxiety, Panic or Fear Support

1 drop Mimosa essential oil
1 drop Melissa essential oil
1 drop Lavender essential oil
1 drop Rock Rose essential oil

New home Stress

4 drops Neroli essential oil

Pain & Inflammation Solution

1 drop German chamomile essential oil
1 drop Yarrow essential oil
1 drop Lavender essential oil
1 drop Peppermint essential oil

Now that you have been introduced to a gentle way of using essential oils with your pets, you may want to focus on observing their body language when they are in a room being diffused with essential oils – their body language will be super helpful to tell you if they are happy.  A basic tip is – if they leave the room they are not happy, if they lick their lips and stay they love it! 

For vital contra indication information when caring for your fur baby with aromatherapy grab the LabAnimal course and learn all the animal safety you need inside Lesson one. It is very important to be aware of the possible safety issues you may encounter when treating your dog. Please refer to Animal Aromatherapy Safety Guidance for safety guidelines when using essential oils with your lovely dogs.

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