Equine Sports Aromatherapy

Casey Sorita

September 14, 2021

Casey Sorita is a second-generation Equine Sports Therapist incorporating aromatics, kinesiology tape, and Laser training into her bodywork with performance horses.  In this episode, Casey describes how incredibly responsive horses are to aromatics in combination with bodywork. She uses essential oils as therapy and to calm the horses before any bodywork. She now owns the family business, the Therapy Corner Store, which has a unique business model, traveling to high profile competitions and working with the horses during their performances, working with some of the nations leading hunters and the top reining horses in the industry. 

Casey's team is currently the lead Bodyworkers for the qualified Run for a Million horses; now, a trending TV show, works with the reiners and has helped prep World Equestrian Games horses and horses on film for the Yellowstone drama series.  

Casey has been around horses her whole life, competing as a young girl. She has extensive knowledge ridding multiple disciplines. Casey began helping her mother with animal aromatics and bodywork at age 12. She attended Northwest School of Animal Medicine in Washington state and has taken courses in kinesiology tape and Laser training. 

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