The seed master

Terry Haggerty

July 13, 2021

Terry Haggerty is a legend among a circle of elite creatives, known for his exceptional cannabis and genetics. Haggerty, the fleet-fingered lead guitarist for the Sons of Champlin, came to intimately know the original generation of cannabis smugglers and sampled their most exotic wares through his high-profile artistic and diplomatic connections. 


In this episode, Terry describes his early networks and genetic dedication as equal parts science and artform. He places the experience as a sacrament and creative inspiration over profit. "If it doesn't make you want to make love or play guitar, I don't want to grow it." Behind the stage, Terry patiently collected and cultivated seeds. Born into a family of musicians who circulated among the rich and famous, he learned how money could twist any talent or gift. He believes cannabis has self-regulating dignity and has been cautious about commercial ventures that ignore the intention the plant embodies. Decades later, his highly curated collection of genetics, not easily adapted to mass growing techniques, is finally hitting the legal market in selective locations under the brand Haggalicious.


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