A passion for hemp essential oil

Soren Darr

December 1, 2020

Soren Darr, a pioneer in the cannabis terpene space, explains the hidden and untapped value of terpenes from this fast-growing production plant with versatile terpenoids. When many people were focusing on high THC flower and cannabinoid extracts, Soren perfected premium cannabis and hemp essential oils. He was among the first to harvest his entire cannabis crop solely for extracting terpenes.

Dissatisfied with the distillation equipment commonly available. He designed and built his own line of distillers, specifically for the hemp and cannabis industry. He now sells his strain-specific hemp and cannabis terpenes, manufactured on-site at farms in California and Oregon, B2B through his company Essenciere to various companies looking to enhance their products' flavors, therapeutic effects, and viscosity. 

Soren managed commercial construction before moving to California, where he cultivated cannabis for years. A 'Eureka moment' happened when a friend stopped by the farm one day and showed him an essential oil he had made from cannabis with steam distillation.


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