Giving The Underrepresented A Seat At The Table

Solonje Burnett

November 26, 2019

Solonje is a co-founder, cannavist and people advocate at Humble Bloom where it is her mission to give the underrepresented a seat at the table in the cannabis industry. She believes that we can shatter stereotypes and poor business practices through culture curation and by providing the industry with more access to strategic branding, advocacy and inclusive community experiences.

She was recently recognized as 15 Women to Watch in the CBD Industry in Marie Claire, and Culture Magazine’s Five Cannabis Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2019. Humble Bloom was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year at CannaGather's 5-Year Anniversary Summit this spring.

As a culture consultant, she creates innovative workplace conferences, designs and implements D&I plans, as well as forges partnerships for agencies. Solonje also produces events and festivals for conscious companies like Afropunk, Summit Series, and Soho House. Prior to launching her consultancy, she executive produced Life@Work at Live Grey and focused on their inclusion strategy.

Solonje is a political activist speaking out on equality and human justice. She is a singer and performs with the Resistance Revival Chorus – born out of the Women’s March. She has a BA from Wellesley College in Psychology with a minor in Africana Studies and a MA from Emerson College in Broadcast Journalism.

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