Botanical Latin is the International Language of Love

Sefra Alexandra

June 25, 2019

Sefra Alexandra, The Seed Huntress, is on a perennial expedition to safeguard the biodiversity of our farms and forests. As an ethnobotanist, she helps to steward the fragility of our food security and nutritional diversity by establishing bioregional seed hubs and implementing in situ and ex situ conservation sites on island nations after natural disasters. As a Genebank Impacts Fellow for the Global Crop Diversity Trust, she has just returned from a three-month expedition in the South Pacific to illuminate the vital role of diversity conservation and use of the prestige taro. The Seed Huntress is a member of the Explorers Club, a Wilderness Skills Instructor and holds her Masters in Agroecology from Cornell University.

Be ready to both fall in love with Sefra and her passion but also to have your mind blown by her work and knowledge on all things seed saving.  Sefa and I talk about why carrier oils are a life force and why the scent of a plant is vital for life.  Without scent, we don't have plant flirtation, the all-important fertilization, and seed sharing.  We explore the current position of sandalwood and the importance of our role in preserving and helping our ecosystem for generations to come.  If you are not already in love with Sefra, her declaration that botanical Latin is the international language of love should do it.  This woman is formidable and it is an honor to have her on this week's podcast.

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Photo credit: Jonathan R. Beckerman

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