Conservation & wildlife awareness

Sally Gouldstone

July 27, 2021

Dr. Sally Gouldstone is a botanist and founder of Seilich Botanicals. In this episode, she explains how aromatherapists are pivotal in making a difference in plant conservation. She shifted from academics to create a skincare line using native plants with the first Wildlife Friendly Certification to demonstrate a consumer-driven model she believes will be possible for all companies. 

Seilich is a natural skincare company with a difference; working with native Scottish plants, growing over 70% of their ingredients within a natural wildflower meadow. Due to their nature-first principles, they have become the first and only company in the UK to gain Wildlife Friendly Certification. Sally is absolutely passionate about bringing nature conservation to the fore when it comes to sustainability and believes that the natural product industry should be conserving rather than exploiting the natural world. Sally's career to date has seen her work in some of the most remote places on earth, from tropical swamp forests of Borneo to the dry deciduous forests of Madagascar, and has given her a deep understanding of the natural world. It is this passion and knowledge that she distills into each and every one of her products.

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Instagram: @seilich_botanicals

Facebook: @seilichbotanicals

Academic profile:

Interview with cosmetics design on WF certification:

Seilich- why Wildlife Freindly Certification

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