Growing aromatherapy in Slovenia

Nina Medved

September 7, 2021

Nina Medved is an aromatherapist and founder of Magnolija, School for Aromatherapy and Natural Perfumery in Slovenia. For ten years, she has been dedicated to teaching courses and formulating fragrance, aromatherapy blends, and skincare products for various brands. 

In this episode, Nina talks about her approach to teaching and formulation- emphasizing working with the essence of the oil, individual, or brand without preconception. In New York, on the way from an acting academy, the scent from an aromatherapy store drew her inside and her aromatic path began to unfold. She rediscovered her love and passion for nature and smell. Nina returned to her native Slovenia, where she grew up in a village in the heart of meadows and forests, and began educating herself and others about aromatherapy.

She has extensive training in Aromatherapy, Perfumery, and Natural Cosmetics and studied in various parts of the world. She has presented her topics in TV shows and written articles for Slovene magazines, inspiring many to connect with nature through scent and creating their own products. Nina is passionate about researching scent, its influence on the psyche and wellbeing. She is also the organizer of conferences in natural and organic cosmetics in Slovenia.

In November 2021 she has launched a 100 % natural cosmetics and perfume brand Makosh, a collection of body oils, oil perfumes, and room mists. 

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