The depths of homepathic remedies

Nancy Herrick

January 26, 2021

Dr. Nancy Herrick is an internationally respected homeopath who uses a unique blend of intuition, experience, and intellect to treat chronic disease and emotional disorders. Dr. Herrick seeks to look into the core of her patients' state and find the one substance on the planet that matches them on the mental, emotional, and physical level. She is one of the most influential and expert homeopaths in the world.

She is extensively involved in the research and development of new homeopathic medicines, publishing eight of these studies in her book: Animal Minds, Human Voices, and seven of the plant studies in Sacred Plants, Human Voices. It has been reported in the literature that these medicines have benefitted patients throughout the world.

In 1993 Dr. Herrick had an intensive sabbatical in Bombay, India, at the center of renowned homeopath Dr. Rajan Sankaran. She brought revolutionary ideas from this clinic to the attention of European and American homeopaths. She continues her studies with Dr. Sankaran, with a deep respect for his mastery.

Since 2002 Nancy Herrick has developed a passion for the study of nutrition using the research of Dr. Weston Price and the Nourishing Traditions schools of thought. She is excited at the added success her patients are finding in their search for health and balance.


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