Energetic‌ ‌Herbalism‌

Kat Maier

December 7, 2021

Kat Maier RH, (AHG) is the founder and director of Sacred Plant Traditions, a center for herbal studies in Charlottesville, Virginia. In this episode, Kat talks about her new book, Energetic Herbalism (Chelsea Green, January 2021), a love letter and reference guide for anyone looking to learn an approach to plant medicine that indigenous cultures have preserved through various herbal traditions. In clinical practice for over 30 years, Kat teaches internationally at universities, conferences, and herbal schools. She began her study of plants as a Peace Corps volunteer, and her training as a Physician’s Assistant allows her to weave the language of biomedicine into her practice of traditional energetic herbalism. She is a founding member of Botanica Mobile Clinic, a nonprofit dedicated to providing accessible herbal medicine to local communities, and has served as president of United Plant Savers.

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