The treasure in plants

John Easterling

Since 1976 Amazon John Easterling has been an explorer and a treasure hunter in the Amazon rainforest, where indigenous healers taught him plant medicine. In this episode, he talks to us about chemistry, nutrition, and energetics- something he has learned to look for in all plants. John explains his fascination with cannabis in particular because of its remarkably varied expression- meeting with top international scientists and researchers while pursuing data on chemovars and extracts for cancer and pain.

His original degree is in environmental studies. His 28 years of rainforest plant medicine experience have been profiled on TV on Good Morning America and Fox and Friends and in documentaries including the PBS Cousteau special 'Return to the Amazon' and World News Report' Amazon John and Rainforest Medicine'. Johns formulas have sold over $100 million worldwide.

His passion for cannabis medicine began with his first cultivation in 1970. He currently maintains a research garden where he breeds new genetics in California and is co-owner of a trophy-winning cannabis farm in Oregon. He believes the growth of interest in plant medicine is growing exponentially as new therapeutic values reveal themselves.

John Easterling is an American businessman and environmentalist who serves as the CEO and chairman of Amazon Herb Company. He is also known as the husband of singer/songwriter and actress Olivia Newton-John. Through his work, he strives to achieve the vision of employing eco-commerce as the solution for rainforest sustainability, better health for all, and wealth generation. An eco-entrepreneur and visionary leader, Easterling speaks on how new-age entrepreneurs are ushering in a new era of health and success.

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