It all starts with genetics

Jess Caming

January 12, 2021

Jess Caming, is Director of Operations for Node Labs, explains thenecessity for clean, stable genetics and why tissue culture, an establishedagricultural tool, is the future for plant medicine and cannabis in particularfor the foreseeable future.


Node labs has a diverse range of clients looking to clean, restore, andsafely store their beloved strains. They work with partner breeders likeCompound Genetics on pheno hunting the best new strains of tomorrow, supplyingthese genetics from TC, and increasing capacity with a first-generationclonarium that supplies growers with the cleanest and most vivacious productionmaterial possible. Node is now exploring partnerships in other states to bringtheir patented TC process to new emerging markets across the country.


Before joining Node Labs, Jess was the General Manager of Organa Brands'California manufacturing facility in Berkeley, overseeing the production anddistribution of all O.Pen vape cartridges, the Dabaratus, and District Edibles.She got her start in the regulated cannabis market with Elefante Inc, a veganedible manufacturer in San Francisco. Before that, she was producinginternational television commercials and corporate media in Los Angeles.



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