The Future Science Of Our Plant World

Eric J Mathur

October 15, 2019

Eric Mathur currently serves Chief Science Officer for TILT Holdings where he oversees the Company’s efforts on Cannabis molecular breeding program for the development of pure-line hybrid cultivars with defined chemical profiles tailored for specific therapeutic medical applications. His expertise and knowledge traverses’ genome sciences, molecular biology, environmental microbiology, plant-microbe interactions, metagenomics, enzyme & drug discovery, plant domestication and applied biotechnology. Mathur’s career spans over 35 years in basic and applied biotechnology with focus on translational science. Eric entered the San Diego biotechnology arena early, in 1983 as founder of Stratagene, where he discovered and commercialized Pfu DNA polymerase, which is still a mainstay enzyme used in the PCR industry. After a nine years’ tenure, Mathur was recruited to become the first employee of Diversa Corporation, which later achieved the largest biotech IPO of the time, raising $200MM in 2001. At Diversa, Eric managed a large scientific team and multiple corporate collaborations with industrial partners including Syngenta, Dow Chemical and BASF. Following 14 years with Diversa, Mathur was recruited to start Craig Venter’s company, Synthetic Genomics where he led research efforts in microbial enhanced hydrocarbon recovery sponsored by BP; he also spearheaded the genome sequencing and annotation the oil palm genome for Genting Berhad; and established a platform for plant growth promoting bacteria which led to the spinout, Agradis and subsequent Monsanto acquisition. Eric’s interests then turned to plant genomics and crop domestication; he worked as Chief Science Officer for several companies including Yulex Corporation and SG Biofuels, GreenKiss NY and Cultivation.Technologies Inc., where he applied modern genomic tools and plant molecular breeding methods to accelerate plant productivity. The work culminated in dramatic yield improvements in two sustainable crops, Guayule for natural rubber production and Jatropha for biodiesel. Eric Mathur is an internationally recognized speaker who authored over 50 peer-reviewed publications and is named inventor on 100+ issued patents. Eric’s passion lies in leveraging genome-based technologies to develop nutrient dense foods and therapeutic medicinals; Mathur is also an ardent supporter of sustainable agricultural and does his part to help secure global food & energy security, while minimizing the impact on our fragile environment.

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