Are nanoemulsions the future of cannabis?

Dr. Kristofer Marsh

Dr. Kristofer Marsh helps us understand the hype versus the reality of nano emulsion technology and why it's becoming popular in everything from skin creams to “mocktails”, cannabinoid-infused beverages which are quickly becoming an alternative to alcohol. He shares his insight working as a lab director on the front lines during the roller coaster  years of 2018-2020, coaching consumers, growers, manufacturers, regulators and investors through increased regulations which changed the legal cannabis industry forever.

A formally trained materials research scientist and published author in several peer-reviewed journals, Kris now serves as Lab Director at The Niva Labs, a cannabis testing lab specializing in contract research in Los Angeles, CA.  Prior to joining Niva, Dr. Marsh worked at Steep Hill in Berkeley, CA.‍

Outside of the lab, Kris enjoys listening to music, hiking, and riding his bike along Venice Beach. His favorite cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV).

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