Finding Lost Joy

Dr. JJ Pursell

September 27, 2022

Dr. JJ Pursell (she/her) is a 2007 graduate of NUNM with a doctorate in Naturopathic medicine and Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine. In this episode, Dr. JJ Pursell talks about stress, anxiety, and the human right to be happy. She speaks in detail about how classic herbs can help recover hormonal balance and how psilocybin may have a place in a new medical model.

She began working with herbs over 25 years ago and her career has centred around her work with plant medicine. She owned and operated community run herbs shoppes for 13 years and wrote her first book, The Herbal Apothecary in 2013.

Her passions include helping others to empower themselves through health and sharing her knowledge through writing, teaching and public speaking. She is dedicated to those in need and will always answer any question through email.

At home she is a mama, farmer, gardener, wife and dance party starter.

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Disclaimer: The information presented in this podcast is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor if you are in need of medical care, and before making any changes to your health routine.

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