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Deby Atterby

October 22, 2019

Debra Anna Atterby is a qualified Aromatic Medicine Practitioner/Clinician, Clinical Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Iridologist, Remedial Massage Therapist, Beauty Therapist, and Lecturer.

In 2002, she founded the Aromatic Aromathology Therapies business (AAT)  with the express view of providing a forum for Aromatherapists, passionate about their profession and designed to give the opportunity for Aromatherapists on the Gold Coast and in the Northern Rivers district to attend designer workshops in order to maintain their CPE levels in the industry.

Deby is also the owner, editor, and publisher of the Aromatherapy Today International Journal. The journal is distributed worldwide 3 times a year in which she edits/researches and writes/publishes articles on aromatherapy and other aromatic modalities. In each journal, Deby prepares an in-depth profile on an Essential Oil.

During the Aromatica 2017 conference, she launched her new book, HEALTH, Vitality, and Wellbeing – Aromatic Detox & Elimination, now in its second edition. As a result of this publication, she travels interstate and abroad delivering workshops relative to the subjects in her book.

Through the Aromatherapy Today journal, she also sponsors renowned overseas lecturers, to conduct 3 to 4-day workshops throughout Australia thus enabling Australian Therapist to continue to maintain their level of education to a high standard. She and her colleagues have also been running the Aromatica series of conferences bi-annually since 2015, which are presented in the same manner as the Botanica series of conference and for which she has been the Australian Ambassador since 2012.

Deby is the Director and Principal of the Aminya Natural Therapies Academy. Her College was the first in Australia to submit and have Government approved, the Advanced Diploma of Aromatic Medicine.

She is also an accredited member of the ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society) and a financial member of the IAAMA (International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association).

Further, Deby is a registered teacher of Aromatic Medicine and Clinical Aromatherapy with the International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association (IAAMA) and the Australian Traditional Medicine Association (ATMS).

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