Dry farming with trust

Chrystal Ortiz

March 30, 2021

Chrystal Ortiz is one of a handful of successful cannabis 'Dry' farmers. The plants are never watered from June until harvest. She became a passionate activist for medicinal cannabis when diagnosed with an auto-immune disease in her teen years. She had a life-changing experience as a patient of Tod Mikuriya, MD founder of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians.

At High Water Farm, Chrystal and her husband Noah practice regenerative farming to cultivate their cannabis. Building soil is essential because they don't directly feed the plants as part of the watering schedule. A cover crop helps revitalize the field in the offseason when it's tilled back into the soil for the plants to eat in the summer. Chrystal and Noah grow flowers and vegetables alongside their cannabis.

She's on the  International Cannabis Farmers Association (ICFA) board, a group of stakeholders and scientists committed to traditional sun-grown farming practices. Chrystal also owns Herb & Market Humboldt, a  dispensary in Arcata that offers curated health and wellness products and connects farmers and consumers with each other.  

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