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Amy Galper

Over the past several years, Amy has also built a vibrant consultancy practice, offering her expertise in plant-based beauty ingredient research and sourcing, product formulation and private labeling, as well as corporate and private wellness event planning; She is currently an advisor and educator to a number of beauty and wellness brands and companies.

Amy has appeared as a featured speaker at the Indie Beauty Expo, Women in Flavor & Fragrance Conference, EcoSessions, along with dozens of media events and conferences. She is a guest lecturer at NYU, and has presented at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) and is a member of the Visiting Faculty at Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism in New York City.  
She has been featured on FOX NEWS, CUNY TV,  and FAT MASCARA, and has been quoted as an aromatherapy expert for countless of articles and posts about essential oils, as seen in Cosmopolitan Magazine,, Extraordinary Health, Dr. OZ, Prevention, Well and Good, Better Homes and Gardens, Mind Body Green, People, Allure, Refinery29 and many, many, more.

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Amy Galper, B.A., M.A., Co-Founder of the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies, has been a Certified Aromatherapist since 2001, as well as a passionate advocate, entrepreneur, formulator and consultant in organic beauty and wellness. She has also co-authored the newly released book, “Plant Powered Beauty,” published by BenBella Books and endorsed by beauty industry visionary Bobbi Brown, Credo Beauty’s Annie Jackson and Sophie Uliano, author of Gorgeously Green. Amy is honored and proud to be a member of Credo Beauty’s Clean Beauty Council, celebrating, advocating and educating for Clean Beauty and Wellness, along with other influencers and thought leaders in the field.

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Disclaimer: The information presented in this podcast is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor if you are in need of medical care, and before making any changes to your health routine.

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