Fighting for Austin

Amy Bourlan-Hilterbran

February 16, 2021

Amy Dawn Bourlon-Hilterbran is a Certified Nutritionist, Holistic Naturopath, and a licensed CNA with extensive experience assisting and advocating for medical marijuana patients. More than anything else, she is the parent of a child with a severe form of epilepsy in a pivotal time in history, when cannabis is gaining acceptance as a viable plant medicine.

Amy's cannabis journey began when she, like so many other parents, resorted to cannabis to save her child's life. She, a lifelong Democrat, and her husband, Jason, a lifelong Republican, relocated to Colorado to save their teenage son, Austin, who suffers from Dravet Syndrome, the catastrophic form of epilepsy. "He would literally have dozens to hundreds of seizures daily regardless of the prescribed medicines," Amy says, "each day, we thought, would this be the day we would lose our son?"

When traditional pharmaceuticals began shutting down his organs, the family moved from their beloved hometown in Oklahoma after efforts to change laws failed in 2014 gave cannabis a chance to save his life. Austin is now living free of the pills destroying his organs, no longer has damage to his kidneys or liver, and lives with cannabis medicine and often, months with no seizures at all.

Their tireless efforts of documenting their own journey on social media and hosting bi-partisan political events to save their son Austin's life were successful. Laws regarding cannabis in Oklahoma have changed, now having some of the most progressive medical marijuana laws in the US. She and Jason founded the nonprofit American Medical Refugees Foundation, which has helped thousands of patients worldwide.

"Small town girl, devoted mother, adoring wife - doing all I can, when I can to end cannabis prohibition."

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