Meet the Indiana Jones of Vegetables

Adam‌ ‌Alexander‌

January 18, 2022

Adam Alexander is a consummate story-teller thanks to forty years as a successful and award-winning film and television producer.  In this episode, Adam, who has collected seeds from ethnic markets during his extensive travels,  presents a compelling need for genetic diversification in all plants as we face climate change and disappearing species in the pursuit of uniform crops. His films have included documentaries about little-known cultures, (A Year in Tibet), popular food series, (Return to Tuscany, The Urban Chef) and gardening programmes, (A Year at Kew, A Garden for Eden).  He has won awards for culturally important ethnographic series including, Hughesovka, Eutopia, Unholy Land and Russian Wonderland.  He has appeared on CNN’s Going Green, BBC’s Gardeners’ World and The Great British Food Revival and recently on Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon show.  He has written for The Organic Way, The Sustainable Food Trust, The Cottage Garden Society.  He is currently working with The Museum of Wales, St. Fagans, reviving Welsh heritage vegetables and has provided heirloom Welsh vegetable seed to culturally important gardens including Aberglassney in West Wales.  His latest project is to encourage people to reconnect with their local food culture by reviving local varieties held by the HSL and also heirlooms he has discovered in the UK. These are being grown by market gardeners and re-introduced to communities through farmers markets, local shops and veg-box schemes.  Local growers are also being provided with seed to grow out and bulk up supply for commercial use.  He is in demand as a consultant and advisor to private gardens and institutions wanting to showcase British heritage crops.  His book The Adventures of a Seed Detective – Meetings with remarkable vegetables; from wild parent to cultivated offspring will be published in 2022


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