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  • Zena Hallam

    Tazeka Aromatherapy

    “LabAroma is my go to tool and a must–have for every aromatherapist. An online program spearheaded by Colleen Harte that effortlessly analyses the chemistry of your aromatherapy blends. You can easily add and remove essential oils, as well as modify their relative percentages until you have a formula you are confident in. LabAroma lets you save your blends so you can go back and revisit them at any time. I also love their support system and quick response time.”

  • Andrea Butje

    Founder Aromahead Institute

    “I am so impressed with LabAroma. The website solves a significant challenge in formulating as the math is often the difficult part for Aromatherapists. The website is both beautiful and user friendly. I am excited to use it and share it. You rocked it! :–)”

  • Rhiannon Lewis

    Clinical aromatherapist, educator, author and editor of the IJCA

    “It has been a joy to see LabAroma evolve from a great idea to a versatile, instructive, reliable and practical tool for all professional aromatherapists. Its user friendly and personalised format encourages us to maximise therapeutic efficacy whilst at the same time having fun! Well done Colleen and the team at LabAroma!”

  • Fiona Hedigan

    Clinical aromatherapist and marketing consultant

    “This is like an answer to a prayer… I am constantly developing new formulations and find the calculations very time consuming. This site is easy to use and makes it possible for more experimentation with different oils and assessment of their chemistry. This will be invaluable.. Can’t wait to use it!”