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Master blend with creative accuracy and rapid analytical results.

LabAroma is a chemistry based, clinical aromatherapy focused, software tool designed to formulate the chemistry behind essential oil and cosmetic blending. Presenting beautifully designed user–friendly textual & visual analytical data results to help guide you, as you create therapeutic functional blends.

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“I’d highly recommend LabAroma to anyone wanting to create their own essential oil blends. It’s quick, accurate and easy to use.”

Rhiannon Harris

What happens when I blend 


Well that’s pretty easy, we can tell you that with the click of a button.

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Committed to sharing the knowledge of plant chemistry through user friendly technology, I created LabAroma to enhance and inspire the wonderful worlds of aromatherapy and therapeutic blending.

I believe chemistry knowledge and effective therapeutic blending unlocks the path to our essential oil’s extraordinary powers. Once we, as nature’s workers understand our plants DNA we then have the tools to make a greater impact with aromatherapy.

Colleen Quinn | Clinical Aromatherapist

Lab Aroma


Dont worry if you missed tonight webinar! I am doing another one this Thursday. Follow this link to join me… https://t.co/teVRWcG3OA • 22 May 18

Connaissez–vous la chimie aromatique ?

L’objectif de Labaroma est de vous aider scientifiquement à réaliser vos propres formules d’huiles essentielles et visualiser les effets de chaque huile sur le corps et l’esprit.