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Hungry Explores Technical Aromatherapy

Automne 2015 – ALKALMAZÁSOK

Colleen introduces LabAroma to Europe in Alkalmazasok

Aromatherapy meets technology

Printemps 2014 – In Essence

Does technology have a role to play in aromatherapy? Colleen Harte thinks so and here she explains why

Technology & Aromatherapy

Hiver 2014 – Aromatherapy Thymes

Colleen tackles the need for technology in the world of plant medicine.

Joining technology and essential oils for the Advancement of Aromatherapy

Eté 2014 – In Touch

Colleen talk with In Touch about Technology & Aromatherapy.


Automne 2014 – NAHA

Colleen explores the topic of menopause and its symptoms in the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. This feature article includes therapeutic recipes as well as essential oil suggestions.

Why Nature Now Needs Technology

Printemps 2014 – Tilt Magazine

“The future aromatherapists who are sitting in lecture rooms or more likely taking a webinar in aromatherapy and essential oil chemistry today demand technology, because they understand the speed, accuracy and beneficial of it.”