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Video Tutorial: Arthritic Pain Ointment Video

Posted By LabAroma Team

12th May 2016

De stress your joints this May with our arthritic pain blend which is made with a wax based ointment enriched with powerful and therapeutic essential oils.

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Video Tutorial: Inflammation In The Veins Formula

Posted By Colleen Harte

16th June 2016

We turn to natural essential oils as a solution for inflammation in the veins using oedema–tackling Cypress, Spike Lavender for inflammation in a light ointment to aid a gently application

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Video Tutorial: Create a blend for Bruising

Posted By Colleen Harte

23rd June 2016

In todays latest video Colleen talks us through her Bruise blend! This essential oil infused natural remedy for bruised skin is made from our unique blend of essential oils.

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Video Tutorial: Insomnia Blend Tutorial

Posted By LabAroma

30th June 2016

Tackle Insomnia with this brilliant bedside table remedy.

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Video Tutorial: Mindful Yoga Blend

Prepare for your meditative ‘me time’ with a unique blend of Bergamot Mint, Cedarwood, Juniper and course calming Frankincense. In a simple base of Jojoba this easy use roller blend is quick and easy and very effective.

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