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Thyme ct. thymol has strong germ–busting properties and is a great oil for the cold and flu season and helps to inhibit the spread of viruses and microbes. It is particularly used in upper and lower respiratory infections. It is used generally for acute infections over a short treatment period.

Rosalina’s earthy herbaceous aroma adds a supportive aspect to this blend. Rosalina contains 1,8 cineole which is also supportive towards respiratory congestion. It also helps with sleep and stress, which can come hand in hand with respiratory ill health. Saro is equally effective as a respiratory focused anti–inflammatory and immune supporting fresh essential oil. Balsam Copaiba is a beautiful Brazilian soothing respiratory essential oil.


LabAroma’s blend analysis shows us that this blend contains 7.9% phenol pf which 7.36% is thymol. The immune system and respiratory system both rank higher in terms of therapeutic properties, which is ideal for a steam inhalation for respiratory congestion.


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