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Turmeric can be a yellow to a dark orange, known to ease nausea and heal stomach complaints as well as treating digestive problems. Turmeric is warming and analgesic for rheumatism and any painful or cold joint condition. It is also a wonderful digestive aid and reduces excess fluid. Calming for the nervous system, turmeric offers us a warm and calming support for reducing pain and a great anti–inflammatory oil. It may not be an obvious choice for Nervous anxiety but due to its care for the nervous system coupled with its positive effect on the digestive system it can be wonderfully effective when treating this condition. Tumerone is in my Turmeric essential oil at 7.9%. Tumerone is being studied for it connection to having a positive effect on neurological diseases. Petitgrain is my second oil choice for its profound benefit when reducing spasms, calming the nervous system and bringing an emotionally balancing and uplifting effect to the mind. The South African Blood orange is uplifting and great for depression in this blend. Spikenard essential oil is extracted from the root of the plant leaving it with a deeply earthy powerful aroma. Spiritual Spikenard is excellent with anxiety, insomnia and nervous tension.

This blend is 11.7% Ketones and 1.7% Tumerone with both calming & balancing effects on the mind.

To watch this blend in full and learn more about the chemistry behind the essential oil choices please click here. 


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