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Once you have chosen a package and subscribed to LabAroma you can sign into your page from any other computer or device. You can save and access your information from anywhere in the world.You also have the option of upgrading to LabAroma+ at any time by clicking the upgrade option on your profile page.

I wish LabAroma were around when I was a student!

Maria Williamson
Clinical Aromatherapist

LabAroma+ simplifies international legislation and clearly lets you know when your blend breaks those restrictions. Amazing!

John Cooper



For Aromatherapists, Clinical Aromatherapists and Aromatherapy students LabAroma offers 

the perfect formulation solution while removing the complexity of maths and chemistry


LabAroma Features


Access to a database of 198 chemically analysed essential oils 


Includes country of origin, part of plant used and unique aroma 


Customise your own blend 

Control what percentage of each essential oil you want in each formula

Add a bespoke touch to your blend by adding your own distilled essential oil analysis


Calculates both the chemical groups and chemical components of your blends with ease 

The physical body diagram acts as a guide to the therapeutic properties of your blend  


(Annual Renewal $80)

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For aromatherapists and industry formulators whose blends must comply with cosmetic legislation LabAroma+ makes your complex world of compliance regularity manageable


LabAroma+ Features


An invaluable sophisticated guide to international legislation guidance.


This feature is ideal for anyone developing essential oil blends which require pharmaceutical 

approval in EU, US, Australia or Japan 


LabAroma will warn you when your essential oil blends break legislation compliance

You will also be told which regulation your blend has broken  


This feature is specifically designed to save you time and money when preparing essential oil formulas for legal approval


LabAroma+ has all the features of LabAroma



(Annual Renewal $195)

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